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The Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence began operating in 1990. The agency is a community based organisation and receives its core funding from the Department of Communities. The agency provides a range of services from Coolangatta to Upper Coomera.

It is a free, confidential service for women who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives. No referral is necessary.


What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual Violence means any sexual behaviour that is unwanted and makes a person feel uncomfortable, frightened or threatened. Sexual Violence an happen to anyone, with most sexual violence being perpetrated by someone the victim knows and trusts for example, a partner, friend, work colleague, family member or acquaintance.

Sexual Violence includes;

  • Child sexual abuse and incest

  • Sexual harassment

  • Unwanted sexual texts, photos, emails, posts and/or messages

  • Having sex with someone who is drunk, out of it, unconscious or asleep

  • Any unwanted act of a sexual nature eg: exposure, touching and or sexual comments

Services Provided

To Victims/Survivors

  • Crisis support

  • Professional Counselling

  • Practical support through related legal processes

  • Therapeutic and Educational groups

To Supporters

  • Information to partners, friends and relatives of women who have experienced sexual violence

  • Individual counselling and support for themselves

  • Strategies for how they can support the victim/survivor

To the Gold Coast Community

  • Resource information developed and disseminated

  • Public Awareness Campaigns

  • Presentations to students and the community

  • Training to other professionals

  • Participation in research

  • Identification of trends

  • Lobbying for change

News and events

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