Info For Young People

Free support, individual counselling and group work is offered to young women high school age or over who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives.  We may also be able to outreach to your school if you can not get to our centre.

If youwould like to arrange an appointment to speak with one of our specialist counsellors CLICK HERE



#WHATDOYOUEXPECT is our new initiative aimed at young people. Not everyone is sexting or hooking up through social media and apps. For some people there may even be legal issues. If you, or a friend, are thinking about any of these activities then check out our new website helping young people to navigate sex and technology. 

Or use the #WhatDoYouExpect on social media to join the conversation.



Check out our young women's magazine. In working with young women, we found that most of the information about themselves and their relationships was gained from magazines. This information led us to obtain funding to develop and produce an innovative magazine for young women that gave them positive and inspiring information. 

Inspire is all about you! That means having the courage to be you- liking yourself, appreciating your body and valuing the unique person that you are.

Inspire is all about relationships! That means having great relationships that inspire you and having the knowledge and strength to make good decisions about love and relationships.

Inspire is about keeping it real - real girls, real issues and real information!


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Women's Health & Wellbeing Program now running